The district has established a “curriculum review cycle” that provides the timeline for curriculum review and resource purchases.  This cycle allows each content area/department to be reviewed every seven years.  At times, we must adjust our cycle to correspond to the adoption of new standards and state and federal mandates.  

There have always been standards….

Academic standards specify what students should know and be able to do. Wisconsin has academic standards for 21 separate content areas, and adopted Common Core State Standards for English language arts and mathematics in 2010 which includes literacy standards for all subjects.

District chooses curriculum path….

In Wisconsin, choices of curriculum and content are made at a local level.  The district always has the choice in adopting and/or writing a curriculum to meet standards.  As part of the curriculum cycle review, the district may choose key resources, write or adopt a curriculum outline that defines units of study.

Teacher choice….

Teachers continue to devise lesson plans and tailor instruction to the individual needs of the students in their classrooms.  The Shawano School District values the “art of teaching” allowing our teachers to be responsive to the students in their classroom and perfecting the craft of teaching.  We are very proud to have such dedicated and talented teachers employed at the Shawano School District.


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Curriculum - Links and Resources 

Standards for students who take the Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) Alternative Assessment

Wisconsin Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs include [See above for standards]:

  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources;

  • Business and Information Technology;

  • Family and Consumer Sciences;

  • Health Science; and

  • Technology and Engineering