Curriculum - High School (Current)

This page is designated for each grade's curriculum.  Files will be added as they become available. The files are the curriculum files for each grade and subject area.

To see the files prior to 2020-21, go to the Curriculum - High School (Prior to 2020-21 School Year)


  • Not Currently Available


  • Art IV Curriculum Course Outline (pdf)

  • Art - Ceramics I (pdf)

  • Art - Ceramics II (pdf)

  • Art - Crafts (pdf)

  • Art - Drawing and Painting I (pdf)

  • Art - Photography I (pdf)

  • Art - Photograph II (pdf)

  • Art - Sculpture (pdf)


  • Not Currently Available

English Language Arts (ELA)

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Non-Fiction Writers Workshop - Grades 10, 11, or 12

Communications Arts (Speech) - Grades 11 or 12

Contemporary Writing - Grade 12

English Composition - Grade 12

Literary Explorations - Grade 12

Media Awareness - Grade 12

Family & Consumer Science (FACS)

  • Assistant Child Care Teacher Curriculum Course Outline (pdf)

  • Health Occupations Curriculum Course Outline (pdf)

  • International Foods Curriculum Course Outline (pdf)

  • Let's Make a Meal Curriculum Course Outline (pdf)

  • Life Skills Curriculum Course Outline (pdf)

  • Living on Your Own Curriculum Course Outline (pdf)

  • Today's Children Curriculum Course Outline (pdf)

Foreign Languages (or World Languages)




  • Not Available Yet - Coming Soon


  • Not Available Yet - Coming Soon

Physical Education (Phy. Ed.)/Health

  • Not Available Yet - Coming Soon


  • Not Available Yet - Coming Soon

Social Studies

  • Not Available Yet - Coming Soon

Special Education (SPED)

High School SPED English Language Arts (ELA)

High School SPED Math

  • Coming Soon

High School SPED Classes Other

  • Functional English Essential Outcomes Chart

  • Functional Living Essential Outcomes Chart

  • Functional Math Essential Outcomes Chart

  • JET Essential Outcomes Chart

  • Skills Training for Employment Purposes Essential Outcomes Chart

  • Vocational Skills Essential Outcomes Chart

Technology Education (Tech. Ed.)

  • Not Available Yet - Coming Soon

World Language

  • Not Available Yet - Coming Soon